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12:16 PM

I read a post yesterday on old-fashioned blogging and it reminded me of that time almost 5 years ago when I started blogging and why. I started blogging just as it was transitioning to a much different type of writing. I had no reason of starting a blog other than I just simply loved to write and I was an open book who loved for the story to go on and on while sharing it with the world. I also wanted a place to go back and remember all of the things I had walked through, witnessed, learned, created, etc. A journal could do that, and I still have many prayer journals full of that type of thing, but this was different. It was permanent and that was the thing that drew me to the blogging world. There was an entire community of women (mostly) who were writing for the very same reason while walking through vastly different seasons. As described in the aforementioned post the blogging world has become about pinnable photos and sponsors and advertisements. It's simply something I could never do. Writing is very much my first love when it comes to hobbies but it in no way is it something I would ever want to make a career out of. Props to my sweet friend Sarah for being able to sit down and actually write out an entire series of books.. I just do not have the patience for that. So, here I am trying to revive my passion for words and shutting out the new way of blogging as to help me focus on why I started this in the first place. I'm also reminding myself that in my writing I have a voice that deserves to be heard.

I remember waking up some mornings and feeling like my day could not start until I had drank my cup of coffee and hashed out a blog. Life has moved quickly over the last few years and not just in the sense of kids but jobs and churches and even our city has changed. I've changed. I've grown. And while I don't wake up needing to write like I use to, I do wake up with words on my heart. With a preschooler and toddler though sometimes those words can just take a while to really find their way into actual sentences.

I want to encourage you to do whatever gives you life. Refuse to worry if you're good enough or if people like it (whatever it is), just go out and do it. Do it because the need flows out of you and because you are a better person when you're doing that hobby or activity. I admire my husband so much for this very reason. He finds something he loves to do (drumming, filming) and he just does it. Maybe that's why he's so good at those two things in particular...because he just does them. He doesn't think about whether he should or if anyone cares or notices but he simply does the things he's passionate about. I hope that I can be this way too.

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  1. I agree! I think there is a lot to be said for doing what you love just because you love it, and not letting outside pressures steal the joy out of it! Thank you for the link too! It makes me so happy to see other people joining in on old fashioned blogging. 😊

    1. Absolutely! Thanks for saying what most of us have been feeling. =]


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