Dear Abigail: You're almost here!

8:40 AM

Dear Abigail,

I can't believe you're almost here! I guess technically you could "come any time now" but I'll go with what my midwife said and say you should really wait until 39 weeks because that's the new full term. Either way I know the Lord has your birthday specifically picked before He ever started forming you. Everything seems to be in place like I said in my last letter. Daddy and I even had our last date night for a while. I don't think there is really anything else to do before you arrival except rest and take it easy. All of the fun begins once you get here! This will be my last letter to you before you're born. How crazy is that to think of?! It's hard to keep the condo super clean because of your brother but I'm doing my best to keep it tidy for when you decide to show up. We are anxiously waiting for you sweet girl!


Left:35 weeks, Right: 36w5d

At 37 weeks:
-I have lost 2lbs so total weight gain is 30lbs so far
-You have dropped! See picture for visual
-You are back to head down
-No Pre Eclampsia so far, everything looks good with that
-You push on my sides a lot and very hard
-You are still so active. I don't have to do kick counts for you ever
-Contractions come and go, nothing exciting yet
-Somehow still no stretch marks but goodness you have made my belly very veiny
-Pretty swollen, had to take my wedding rings off at 36 weeks

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