Abigail:11 months

5:15 PM

Eleven months old and I can't handle it! Sheesh. One whole month until she is ONE YEAR OLD!

  • New words-Done and Yea
  • Still not walking and really has no interest in trying right now
  • Still co sleeping and taking two 2 hour naps a day
  • Nursing round the clock still
  • Wearing size 3 in shoes and 12m-18m in clothes
  • 8 teeth
  • Eating at least 1 solid meal a day (usually dinner)
  • Personality is starting to show more-chatty and giggly 

The list is pretty short for this month because there's not a ton of developing happening right now but I'm sure after she turns a year old lots of things will be going on! None of us in this house are ready for her to be a year old. Elijah has even said a few times that he thinks she will be a tiny baby forever. We're soaking in her last month as a baby and getting ready for toddlerhood...again. 

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