Orange Brown Sugar Scrub

7:20 PM

I am not a beauty person at all. Clarification: I don't wear any make up except for mascara and eyeliner, I usually only have one bottle of perfume at a time, I don't go out of my way to buy special things to wash my face, etc. Not because I don't take pride in my appearance but because I've just never been a huge girly girl. And up until today I had never used a sugar scrub. I had seen them before but I honestly didn't even know if there were any true benefits to using them on your skin. In typical Bre fashion I started to research sugar scrubs (nerd alert) and found some really neat things. The sugar actually brings moisture into your skin and unlike salt its very gentle. So, after playing around a bit I came up with my own recipe and I love it!

1/4 C Organic Coconut Oil
2/3 C Brown Sugar (packed)
10-15 drops Orange Essential Oil (obviously I prefer Young Living)
1 Glass jar 

Mix coconut oil and brown sugar in a bowl. You can use a spoon but I just got in there and used my hands. Add 10-15 drops off Orange Essential Oil and mix together again. Voila! Done! Store in a glass jar with tight fitting lid. I literally paid $1 for this jar. I got it out of the dollar section at Target. Cute and cheap. Now, you have your very own sugar scrub all from ingredients you probably have lying around your house. 

Smell it. Use it. Gift it. 
It's that easy. 

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