His first Father's Day

9:35 PM

To this guy, the man I gave my forever to, I must say that nothing he does goes unnoticed. The hard work he puts in to provide for Elijah and I, the things he does at home long after he's clocked out, and the amount of time and love he never seems to run out of for our son. None of it has gone unnoticed, I see him, my sweet husband. I see him.

When Elijah was out and finally placed on my chest I looked and saw the tears coming from his eyes. I saw the pride and joy he felt in that moment and it's never been the same since. I'm so unbelievably sorry his own father isn't here to celebrate with him but I know he is immensely proud of the dad he is. 

I have watched many other dads reluctantly take care of their children but not Kaleb. I have seen him spring at the chance to get some alone time with Elijah. He has held that crying, screaming, perfectly swaddled thing for hours when we were at a loss for how to soothe him. He has sat next to me in bed feeding me lunch and giving me water to drink as I nursed our newborn son for an hour. He has swept and mopped floors after our boy is snug in bed when I know all he really wanted to do was relax and play video games. He has shared his heart with me when it comes to having a big family. He wants 3 more and my heart leaps at how joyous he is over the future of our children.

He attended every appointment when I was pregnant and every class when were getting ready for Elijah's birth. He's never missed an appointment with our pediatrician and has left work to come take our sweet boy to the ER. He is the epitome of an amazing father. His heart beats for his God and his family. I have watched this man sacrifice a lot to get us where we're at and I am convinced that God picked the best man to marry me and father our children. A man who sits on the kitchen floor and feeds our naked baby watermelon. A man who up until last week would get up and bring that baby to me when he would wake in the middle of the night. Who has told me countless times to take a bubble bath to relax after he got done with a long shift at work.

Thank you, Kaleb. Thank you so much for rising up and being the father God has called you to be. Elijah and I are blessed beyond measure to have you as the leader of our home. The way our son cries when you leave the house and giggles when you come home isn't because he's a baby it's because he loves you so much! Hearing you two laugh together is my favorite sound. Watching you two play together is a moment I could never get sick of. You are my favorite baby daddy! Happy Father's Day, my love. 

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