Happy birthday, Abigail

10:59 AM

Abigail. Is. One.

  • 19lbs 6oz
  • 28 in
  • Wearing size 4 diapers now
  • Still in the same size clothing and shoes
  • Definitely interested in trying to walk but not quite there yet
  • Nursing and eating all the food in sight
  • Will not drink from a cup..still
  • Still co sleeping but we are transitioning her to her crib this week (pray for us, yall!)
  • Signs: more, milk, all done, and is currently working on please
  • Says: Mama, dada, bubba, mo (more), yea, Uh uhhh (uh oh)

Dear Abigail,
Well we're here again. Another one of my baby's is turning one and to no avail I am sad that you grew so fast. After I felt like I didn't savor the newborn season with your brother I promised myself I would with you but now you're one and I find myself saying, "No! It went too fast. I need to rock her to sleep again, just one more time. I need to take more videos of the little facial expressions she has that first week of life. Just a little more time please." So, maybe that should tell me that I didn't squander the newborn season, it just goes entirely too fast. I can't believe you're ours, Abigail. It feels like a dream come true. One I didn't know I had until the ultrasound technician said, "It's a girl!" You have like no hair for a one year old yet it looks so long to me because you started out with barely anything. You are small in weight and height but you still have rolls and a full face which makes you look so chunky. We love it! I still listen to your heartbeat when I'm laying down next to you and praise God that He closed that hole in your heart when He was knitting you in my womb. You are feisty and dramatic but you love to be loved.  You want to be held more so because you love being in other's arms than you do just for the attention. You happily fall into the background when people are around talking or other kids need attention but can I tell you a secret Abigail? You'll never be in the background. You're too amazing and beautiful to miss! I can't wait to see what kind of toddler you are and I really can't wait to see all of the developing and growing you do over this next year. Happy birthday, sweet baby. 


Abigail:11 months

5:15 PM

Eleven months old and I can't handle it! Sheesh. One whole month until she is ONE YEAR OLD!

  • New words-Done and Yea
  • Still not walking and really has no interest in trying right now
  • Still co sleeping and taking two 2 hour naps a day
  • Nursing round the clock still
  • Wearing size 3 in shoes and 12m-18m in clothes
  • 8 teeth
  • Eating at least 1 solid meal a day (usually dinner)
  • Personality is starting to show more-chatty and giggly 

The list is pretty short for this month because there's not a ton of developing happening right now but I'm sure after she turns a year old lots of things will be going on! None of us in this house are ready for her to be a year old. Elijah has even said a few times that he thinks she will be a tiny baby forever. We're soaking in her last month as a baby and getting ready for toddlerhood...again. 


Scheel Family Pictures

1:30 PM

The week before Christmas we went on an awesome trip to Mississippi to visit my father in law's side. We have all been trying to go at the same time since Kaleb and I got married (4.5 years ago) but our schedules never matched up or we just didn't have it in our budget. So, since I knew this might not happen again for a while I proposed we do family pictures. Also, I'm still working on my portfolio so any chance I get to snap some shots I'm all about it! I loved being at Kaleb's grandma's house. It was smack dab in the middle of the sticks...literally. The pictures I took were just a few feet from her actual house and the entire area was just gorgeous. I hope we can take pictures again there for years and years to come.


Abigail:10 months

1:39 PM

Holy moly. We're in the double digits people. Baby girl is 10 months old and growing SO fast. At 10 months old:

  • Wearing mostly 12m clothes
  • Claps
  • Waves
  • Still only says mama, dada, and bubba but has been trying to say bye bye and milk lately
  • Laughs so much and even has a fake laugh now
  • Cruises either while holding onto something or pushing her walker
  • Loves to "dance" (Bounce up and down or move her head back and forth)
  • Still co sleeping
  • Taking 2 naps a day
  • Wakes twice during the night to nurse
  • Eating lots of new foods
  • Signs more, all done, and milk
  • 7 teeth total (Following in her brother's footsteps, he had 8 by this age)
  • Loves to talk and yell
  • Tries to be brave and stand on her own but usually falls on her cloth diapered booty

This past month Abigail had her first Thanksgiving. She had turkey, some roasted green beans, and some cranberries. She loved it and had so much being around family. She was hardly ever put down, everyone just wanted to hold her. We are traveling out of the state for the first time next week to see Kaleb's stepdad's family for Christmas. It will be interesting to see how this trip goes with 2 kids. Pray for us! 


Smith/Hiland/Nichols Shoots

6:49 AM

Smith Family Pictures

The Smiths are so adorable! I mean look at those pictures below. Kinley is also a natural born model. I thought it would be hard to get some shots for her three year pictures because I knew she was pretty tired from a busy weekend but she was posing like it was her job! With every click of the camera she would change up her pose without any prompting from me or her parents. I may have to use her in the future when I need to practice some fun kid shots. Also, Ian and Sarah are so sweet. I'm so glad they left Missouri and came to Texas. Though I know they miss Missouri I am so glad they are here and that God led them to Overflow church.

Hiland Baby Announcement

These pictures were extra special to me because from the moment I met Jenn I knew she wanted to be a mom. I also knew from the moment I met her and we had our first real conversation that she was a very compassionate person. She is the Children's Pastor at Overflow church and her husband Dalton is the Youth Pastor. Watching them interact with my kids and so many others children in the church just proves that they will be amazing parents. I cannot tell you how many people prayed for baby Hiland and even more people will be praying as this sweet baby grows over these next several months. This baby is already so loved and his/her parents are greatly valued and adored. 

Nichols Maternity Pictures

What do you even say about the girl who is basically another sister to you? Jyssica grew up down the street from my family when we first to moved Fort Worth almost 20 years ago. Charlotte and Jyssica made an instant connection in middle school and have literally been best friends ever since. Jyssica spent many, many, MANY nights at our house and vice versa. She has been like a second older sister to me. I had the privilege of standing next to her on her wedding day and then had the privilege of taking her maternity pictures. Jensen is SO close to making his arrival and I can't wait to watch Mikey and Jyssi become parents. Mikey has had a lot of practice with his many nieces and nephews and Jyssica has proved to be an amazing aunt to her nephew and even my babies. They're going to be naturals. 


Abigail:9 months

8:08 AM

I am posting this update right before I type up her 10 month one because I am SO behind. #secondbabyprobs

At 9 months

  • 4 teeth
  • Pulling up on things and doing baby squats
  • Nurses like a newborn still
  • Found her own sleep schedule and has been taking great naps
  • Still sleeps in our bed
  • Wearing 9-12m clothes
  • Still in size 3 diapers
  • Finally fitting into 3-6m shoes
  • Loves to jibber jabber all day long

Shortest post ever because not a ton of developments happened during the ninth month. Abby did have her first Halloween and was the cutest ladybug you've ever seen. She also got pneumonia which seemed to last FOREVER. It was also her first time on antibiotics so our sweet baby had lots of tummy issues for a few weeks. All is well now and we are gearing up for the next round of first Holidays for our baby girl.


Emlen + Charlotte: Engagement Photos

11:39 AM

I know my sister already shared all of the engagement photos I took for her and Emlen but I wanted to share a few of my favorites on the blog and kind of expand on what you may have seen floating around on the album info/other pictures I have posted. Shooting Emlen and Charlotte's engagement pictures was actually one of the top three reasons I wanted to buy a camera in the first place. Many years ago when Kaleb and I were sitting in our last apartment in San Angelo with our nine month old son he shared with me his deeply rooted desire to make a documentary and to expand even more, just his passion in general for filmmaking, videography, and editing videos. It wasn't something new at all. Kaleb did theater in high school and if you've sat and chatted with him for a while than you know his ridiculous amount of knowledge about films, The Oscars, directors, producers, cinematography, etc. To accomplish his passion he would need a lot of equipment starting with (obviously) a camera. I casually mentioned how I would love to learn about photography and thus a dream was born.

I told Charlotte when we eventually got our camera I would love to take her engagement pictures. Mind you she was not engaged nor was she dating anyone at the time but it was just something I always knew I wanted to do for her. Years went by and we finally saved enough for a camera and not long after that Charlotte was ENGAGED! Cool timing, Jesus. Months prior to their engagement I had practiced a bit with shooting and editing photos for friends. Lightroom is easy, Photoshop is the devil, and I'm just over here watching YouTube videos on how to stack photos. It's frustrating but I love watching where other photographers that I admire so much started from and remember that one day I will look back on this beginning as something that was so fun. 

Taking these engagement photos proved to be the sweetest "first session" I could have ever had. The way Emlen and Charlotte love each other really showed through each snap of the lens. When we all weren't laughing at the many bugs trying to eat us alive out there I was getting the privilege of capturing small moments of smiles and kisses between these two. When I had them look at each other for a shot Emlen would usually blow in Charlotte's face. It was funny, yes but it was also cute because it made her smile. When Charlotte wasn't facing Emlen she was trying to pose. But when they were face to face she sort of sunk into his arms like they were the place she belonged-like she was home.

Another thing I loved was how Charlotte would wrap her hand around the back of Emlen's neck when they were facing each other. It was as if she was saying, "Here I am. Don't miss me! Let's linger here just a bit longer." I swooned. Not only is this a love story I've watched my sister wait for but it's one Emlen has waited for patiently as well. To watch it unfold in person and then get to take pictures of their love was more than I could have dreamed. I love the way they love each other and I've seen/heard many people make that exact same comment. They are an inspiring story and I love the testimony of God's goodness and faithful timing that is so evident from their love. 

Hargrove Photo + Video is just a title for now but Kaleb and I dream of what it could become one day. This photo shoot is one thing we hope it can be-telling stories through pictures while Kaleb's filming can be telling stories through videos. We're not entirely sure when we will be able to launch this as an actual business but for now we're enjoying these little projects. Kaleb is currently working on something that I can't wait for everyone to see! Since he works full time it's hard for him to roll videos out as quickly as I can with pictures but make no mistake Kaleb has vision like no one else I've ever met. It's true what they say-"Choose a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life." This is something we love and we can't wait to watch what it can become. 

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