Abigail:2 months

1:40 PM

She's two months, yall! Two. Freaking. Months. Lets get on with these bullets, shall we?

  • 10lbs 10oz
  • 22.5 in
  • Still nursing every 2-3 hours during the day and doing mostly glorious 4 hour stretches at night
  • Rolls tummy to back but only if she's in a disposable diaper (cloth is too bulky)
  • Holds her head up like a pro
  • Coos/baby chats all the time
  • Still sleeps the best when she's swaddled but fights the initial swaddling process
  • Loves her play mat and tries to bat at the toys hanging from it
  • Likes her car seat a little more now
  • Size 1 diapers when she's in disposables but she's usually in cloth diapers now
  • 0-3m/3m clothes
  • Mimics us when we stick our tongue out at her or make the O shape with our lips
  • Smirks but doesn't full on smile yet
  • Co sleeps with me and Kaleb still
  • She takes forever to initially fall asleep at night but then wakes up to nurse and goes back to sleep easily. No middle of the night parties for this girl
  • Still completely in love with her swing

This little lady is so engaged with the world around her. She could sit on my lap and be content just watching everything else happen in front of her. With that same sentiment she could also be completely content watching me make faces at her all day. People tell me all the time that they've never heard her cry and when I stop to really think about it she definitely is a happy and very mellow baby. With breastfeeding I have noticed she is nothing like Elijah in that area. Elijah loved to nurse and really could do it all day for hours on end if I would have let him. Abigail on the other hand nurses because she's thirsty or hungry and then as soon as she feels satisfied she's done. I have a feeling she is going to be the baby who weans early or goes on nursing strikes. But there is still so much time for her to change and develop. I can't wait to watch her do just that!

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