Abigail:7 months

11:00 AM

At 7 months our sweet girl-

  • Has 2 teeth on bottom
  • Finally sleeps without being swaddle but still has crazy movements
  • Has somewhat of a rhythm she has set into with naps and bed time but still doesn't sleep in her crib so a lot of it is me laying down with her and sneaking away when she falls asleep
  • Scoots backwards but hasn't figured out how to move forward yet
  • Gets up on all fours but hasn't started crawling yet
  • New foods she has tried-Ground beef, cauliflower, sweet potato, dry waffle
  • Doesn't seem to care for food very much. She loves to play with it and try it but after a few minutes she's just completely over the whole thing
  • Loves her exercauser
  • Nurses round the clock still and through the night
  • Only has to see the chiropractor every other week now instead of every week
  • Wearing 9m clothes and a few 12m
  • Size 3 diapers still
  • Baby chats all day long and when there is a lot of people talking or her brother is being loud she HAS to be heard so she will yell at the top of her lungs
  • Sits up on her own very well now and can move from sitting to being on her tummy but hasn't figured out the vice versa yet
  • Still hardly laughs but when she does it's the best 30 seconds of our life

I can't believe it's September. Sister is about to experience all of her first holidays and I am so excited!! I remember dreaming about this last year when we had Thanksgiving at our condo and all of our family was there. This is the same season I got very excited about with Elijah as well. It will be so fun to experience all of this with an older baby since Elijah was 3-6 months when he went through all of his first holidays. However, this season also means Abigail is getting closer and closer to one. I can't even think about it without going into a deep, dark depression. Ok...maybe not but it is very hard to believe and grasp the fact that she is over the half year mark and moving closer to her first birthday. We discovered this past month that when Abigail is cutting teeth, she is CUTTING teeth. She has the whole ordeal-the fever, diarrhea, runny nose, lots of crying, etc. Elijah was more our screamer while cutting teeth and that's about it. However, she is the worlds happiest baby as soon as the suckers see light. Her bottom two teeth make her smile even more adorable and though I hate how hard she teeths I can't wait to see the rest of her teeth start popping up soon. 

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