Elijah:7 months!

1:50 PM

Woah! We are now closer to the 1 year mark than we are if we back tracked to the day he was born. This precious little chunk has only been on this earth for 7 months but it feels like I never had a life before him. Sure I remember fondly the times I slept for hours upon hours without any interupptions and when Kaleb and I were able to enjoy a meal at restaurant without having to give up and take our meals to-go. But (and I think all parents would agree with  me) though those times were nice, they're nothing compared to the times with my baby. So at 7 months this is my guy-

  • 20 lbs of deliciousness
  • Still breastfed but eating fruits and veggies as well
  • Apple sauce is his favorite 
  • Still napping for 30 minutes at a time and waking every 2 hours at night
  • He officially learned how to sit up by himself today
  • He inch worms across the floor but not without getting on all 4's first and trying to crawl
  • We are still doing cloth diapers part time (still trying to build my stash)
  • He is super chatty and always sounds like he's trying to say "dada"
  • I've started wearing him more and he is definitely a fan
  • He still goes in the nursery at church but usually doesn't last very long before he misses me
  • Still only has the bottom 4 teeth but is working hard on cutting his top 2
  • Still gets his Nexium (reflux medicine) every day but does well if he goes without it for a couple of days
  • He is in 9m-12m clothes. Most of the 12m stuff that fits him are t shirts, the rest of his clothes are all 9m
  • His new way of falling asleep (besides being held) is holding one of his ears. So cute!
  • He loves to be naked. Like, it's a little ridiculous. He could be a crying mess and the second we undress him and take his diaper off he's the happiest little baby in the world. 
  • He is very ticklish! His back, underarms, and recently we've found that his feet are also ticklish.

His 6 month post told of our sleep training journey. There isn't much to tell on that other then we stopped because we thought he might be sick (he wasn't) and then kind of messed it up by reverting back to his old habits. We will be doing CIO again but for now we're back to no sleep in the Hargrove home. I am way tired but man he is cute! Just look at this face!

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