A few things 2014 taught me: A link-up with Chatting At The Sky

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So thankful that Emily P. Freeman decided to do another link-up that I actually read about it when it happened. I usually catch them a few days late and then forget about them. The last one I did was the letter to my 17 year old self. Wow. That one holds so much for me. So I'm catching this one before it disappears on me. A few things I learned in 2014.

1. I actually really love crafting
Up until Elijah was born I would tell people I couldn't craft and that's still true but I hated crafting then and now I kind of love it. I'm not good at it but I still like it. I can see how entire blogs and magazines are created solely to talk about crafts, give ideas, share tips, etc. There is something to be said about the feeling you get when you finish a craft and it actually turned out pretty good. I've only done a few things here and there since the new year began but I've cultivated a love for it so I know there is more to come in 2015.

2. I enjoy the healthy lifestyle
No. Seriously. At first this year just brought some change in our eating habits mostly because of our finances but now it's turned into something both Kaleb and I really enjoy. I love cooking. I mean LOVE it and even more than that I love cooking real wholesome food. I don't always do it because hello, I'm a human who loves a good cheeseburger and greasy fries too but I do it much more than I did before. A lot more really and since hubby loves it too then we are moving forward in 2015 with the better eating as well as becoming runners. Yep. You read that right. I want to become a runner. I've found this running plan on Pinterest that helps you go from barely even walking to running an entire 5K. It's a 10 week plan and I can't way to start! We'd like to ride bikes more than run but running is free of charge and requires no equipment so I'm excited to see what 2015 holds for our fitness since 2014 kickstarted a healthier lifestyle for the Hargroves.

3. Women friendships are weird
I'm sure I always knew this but it's become more apparent this year. I had one friend at the beginning of the year barely talk to me until it was almost time for us to move and now that I'm gone we talk all the time. Then there's the friends who are vice versa. They talked to me all the time when I lived in San Angelo and now we rarely talk since I've moved. It just happens like that I guess. Another friend of mine who doesn't live in San Angelo or Fort Worth has become a very, very close friend now. Even her husband and Kaleb are good friends and we're actually taking a trip to see them tomorrow! I asked her once why it took both of us moving to become better friends and she said "Because God knew I'd need a friend to text." It's true. It's weird but true. See. Women friendships are weird and that's ok. I'm striving to learn in 2015 that it's ok when friendships are weird, I need to stop taking it personally. 

4. I am a jealous person
Not within my marriage actually but with other things people have. Kaleb and I both do it and we recognize it. We get jealous of the people who have the beautiful house while we're still stuck in a town home and the people with the good car while ours still has no window in the back. It's a green eyed monster for sure and now that I've realized it's a problem I'm praying hard that God corrects me in this. 

5. I'm scary addicted to coffee
It's bad, y'all. It's to the point where we have ran out of K Cups and I ask Kaleb to run to the gas station to get me some coffee. Not a huge life altering thing but I realized that this past year. I need an intervention. 

6.Whe you become intentional, it becomes harder
The moment I decided to be more intentional in walking in the Spirit, everything got harder. I distinctly remember standing in church a few months ago and feeling the Spirit pull me towards this woman standing by herself. I was suppose to pray over her and give her a Word from the Lord but I couldn't move. I stood there, frozen. My heart was pounding out of my chest and I knew I had been praying for exactly this moment. Alas, the moment passed and I haven't seen her since. I decided shortly after we moved to Fort Worth that I wanted to break through the barriers of the everyday Christian and walk in the Spirit. The minute I was intentional with God and started praying for that it became hard. Not BECAUSE I was intentional but because it's simply not easy. I stepped out only to jump back. That doesn't mean you give up. It just means you push against the barrier that is standing in front of you. It's not going to fall down by itself, you have to push. And push I will. 

7. I have a really great marriage
This is not a bragging thing at all. We are just as guilty as the next married couple when it comes to saying things we don't mean or not apologizing first, etc. But in general Kaleb and I have realized how great our marriage truly is just by the simple fact that we made a decision to communicate better. We fail at it sometimes and other times we hit it right on the head but in general we have a fantastic marriage. He loves me well and I think I've become pretty good at respecting him. We do life together. We make decisions together. We parent together. We listen to each other. We yell a lot less. We talk it out a lot more. We hug each other when we're mad. Again, this is not bragging because we are far from perfect but we're really nailing this marriage thing. We're beating the odds and I think that's something to be very proud of. 

8. Toddler life is no joke
I didn't really consider Elijah a toddler until after his first birthday so it's only been these last 6 months that I've really learned this but toddler life is draining. The running around, the defiance and testing of boundaries, the constant struggle between teaching them and losing your patience. But boy do I love listening to him say a new word or start dancing the very second a song comes on. It's a struggle but it's a beautiful one. He's happy and healthy and on the days I fail at being a mom he's still happy and healthy and smart so it doesn't matter. I get to try again the next day and he is quick to forgive, that little sweetheart of mine. And just look at him, y'all. He's gorgeous. He's amazing. I love him. 

9. I am a writer
This has literally taken me all year to say out loud. I am a writer. I am not a published author or a speaker or even a professional blogger but I am a writer. It's real. It's who I am. It's one of the many things I was created to do. I write because I know no other way to understand life or process my thoughts and emotions and the things God is constantly teaching me. This is forever for me. This blog, my journals, and the other things God has stirred up inside of me-they're forever. It's not a trend or a phase-it's mine and it's something I believe 100% to be a small part of the calling God has placed in my life. I want to do many things in this world: Teach women about Jesus, help new moms, do college ministry, lead worship, help birth babies, teach my own babies, show people the Kingdom but intertwined with all of those things is writing. I am a writer. That will never cease to be true. 

Here's to all of the things 2015 will teach me. 

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