Happy third birthday, Elijah!

6:30 AM

I have a three year old! This is crazy. Mostly because he's my OLDEST. How weird is that? I have an oldest and a youngest now. My oldest, my first born, he turned three. At three years old Elijah-

  • Semi potty trained (is that a thing?)
  • Wears size 3T in clothing and size 7 in kids shoes
  • Talks ALL the time. He's never quiet.
  • Favorite foods-PBJ (of course), fries, all fruit, kefir (drink), burritos, pasta
  • Favorite TV show-Animal Mechanicals and Dino Train
  • Loves to play on his LeapPad
  • Loves to play at the park
  • LOVES to swim and is a lot better now that he has had a few swim lessons
  • Very obsessed with Star Horse (Star Wars) even though he's never actually watched it
  • Loves anything dinosaur and even pretends he is a dinosaur. He has a great T-Rex impression
  • Favorite phrases-"I'm hungry", "Sister is SOOO cute", and "Mmm. No, thanks."
  • He's a sponge. Literally he soaks up everything around him all the time
  • Has his first cavity (womp, womp)
  • Sleeps about 11-12 hours at night
  • Does not nap. He basically gave those up last year
  • Loves the church nursery. He's always excited to play and see his friends
  • Also, he has been nicknamed "The Runner" at church for obvious reasons-he escapes!
  • Drums like his daddy. Seriously, he keeps beat really well for a three year old, it's kind of shocking
  • Sings all day, everyday like his mama

You are so big, son. You seem to grow in leaps and bounds lately and I can hardly get used to it before you're on to growing and developing more. This has been a tough year for you. We moved cities and had a baby! While you aren't really the nicest big brother yet we do know without a doubt that you love your sister. Watching the way you interact with her can be hard sometimes because you're a very rough little boy but I can see you trying your hardest to be as gentle as possible. It's tough, I'm sure, trying to be so gentle with this tiny human when you're so use to playing rough with daddy. You're doing great, bud! We love you so much Elijah! This season of correction and teaching is not meant to make life harder on you but to do just that-teach you. I love when you come into the kitchen and start helping me put away the clean dishes without me even asking or when you run around grabbing burp rags or diapers for sister because you simply want to be helpful. You have a kind and generous heart. You're a daddy's boy more and more lately and it warms my heart because I know your daddy wants to be your best friend as you grow up. I can't wait to watch your personality grow even more this next year as we learn together about your sweet heart. I love you, Rijah-Roo!

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