Abigail:6 months

10:25 AM

I guess it's time for that half a year post. The one that breaks my heart only second to the one year post. Half a year is such a mile marker. It means we're now inching our way towards a first birthday and it reminds me that time doesn't stand still even though I'm demanding it over and over again. I look at Abigail and I see me. Elijah has looked like his daddy since day one but Abigail is my claim to myself. She is me made over and while I love discovering the quirks and facial features we share as she grows I hate that she is not this tiny thing swaddled perfectly in my arms again. She is, in fact, half a year old. And at half a year she-

  • 15 lbs 12oz
  • 25 in
  • Rolls all around 
  • Scoots backwards
  • Sits up for long periods of time but I'm still not comfortable leaving her sitting up by herself yet
  • Has started BLW (Baby Led Weaning) and has tried avocado, banana, and mango
  • Laughs more now but still not as much as we'd like
  • Me and Elijah get the most laughs out of her which is probably because we try all day long to do it
  • Size 3 diapers
  • Size 6m clothes and fits in a few 12m rompers
  • 0-3m size shoes
  • Can say mama and is working on dada and bubba
  • Still nurses round the clock and through the night, all night
  • Does not sleep in her crib but that's about to change (Hello round 2 of CIO)
  • Has 2 teeth on bottom that I can see but have not broken through the gum line yet

Half a year. I just cannot believe it. 

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