Elijah: 1 month!

7:02 PM

Elijah will be one whole month tomorrow! This post definitely requires some bullets.

  • He is 8lbs 14 oz and 21 inches long
  • He sleeps 2-3 hours a night before waking up to eat but then he goes right back to sleep
  • He only sleeps in a swing that a sweet friend let us borrow
  • If he's not in the swing, he sleeps on Kaleb's arm. Not a fan of his cradle
  • He lifts his head off daddy's chest when they're laying down together
  • He LOVES his play mat but won't stay on it for more than 20 minutes
  • A few of his nb onesies are already too tight on him
  • He's eating like a champ but still has his off days where he won't latch right away
  • He spit's up a ton so bibs are his newest accessory
  • He loves to sleep in his carseat and usually stays passed out while we run errands
  • He likes being held by different people and looks at people as they talk to him
  • He is a huge fan of bath time
  • He likes to grip my finger and rub my skin while I'm holding him
  • He is going on his first road trip with mama and daddy to HEB camp this week

This first month has been difficultly wonderful. Some of the sweetest moments I've had with my son have been when Kaleb and I wake up with him in the morning, pull him into bed with us, and just watch him. We stare at him as he stares at us and we laugh at his different facial expressions. It's simply beautiful. Currently, Elijah seems to be in a 4th trimester stage. He constantly wants to be held which is awesome but hard at the same time. I haven't been wearing him as much as I want to because I'm beginning to not be a huge fan of my Moby wrap. I'm working on upgrading to a sling or Beco.

Personally, becoming a mom makes me feel distanced from some of my friends but closer to others. In all fairness I was warned that this would happen. It's a balancing act in my opinion. Trying to balance life pre Elijah with life post Elijah. Things that were so simple before have become harder than I had anticipated. Going to church, for example, has become a toss up with each Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday. I usually end up in the nursing mother's room feeding and rocking Elijah but on a rare occasion he passes out in his carseat for the entire time. I know this stage will pass and one day I will be able to sit and listen to the sermons again.

He is truly a fun baby. He is already so full of life and has a hilarious personality. I love, love, LOVE him and can't get over how handsome he is. People constantly stop us when we're out and about and tell us how perfect he is. I definitely feel like a proud mama 24/7. And Kaleb is the world's best dad! He is such a great help to me when he's home. Working for 7 hours and then coming home to love on his baby and wifey is how he spends his days. I told him in my vows at our wedding that he is my calm and that has become even more true now. He keeps me calm on the hard days and I love him so much for that. Elijah is our joy! God has blessed us immensely with this guy.

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