No make-up November-Sabrina

2:42 PM

Sabrina isn't a cover up name to protect the innocent. It's actually the name of my sweet friend who just joined in on No make-up November. 

This is Sabrina. This is an old profile picture I stole from her Facebook so it's already been pre approved for people to see right? Girls do that a lot. We check out pictures, look at them very closely, before we decide to make them our profile picture but even so Sabrina would probably look at this picture and say something about her eyebrows, or her smile, or the way her head is cocked to the side. 

She would have criticisms for herself because that's what we do. We pick out so many flaws in the mirror that by the time we leave it, we're dissatisfied with the final product of how our face and hair look. And this....this is normal.

Today, Sabrina told me she was doing No make-up November. She told me this while having make up on her face. I laughed at her thinking she's silly and then ironically the Lord spoke to me in that situation. There is a true brokeness in the girls participating in No make up November. We literally think we can't live without it. We pick at our flaws so much that there is nothing left of ourselves. The point in this month of no make up isn't so we will look in the mirror and become sad for an entire month but to see what the King sees in us. He created us without make up on our face. Just the way we are. Bare faced. He's already named us beautiful before we grew up and tried our hardest to cover up things we think are flaws. So who stands up for her face? Sabrina's face. Who will look at it and piece back together everything she's knocked down. I will! 

Sabrina, this picture does her no justice. She has beautifully dark skin and hair. White, perfectly straight teeth. Gorgeous eyes, full of love! Don't even get me started on her bone structure. Holy goodness! High cheek bones and a pretty jaw line. But that's nothing compared to what the Lord says about her. He says He is enthralled by her beauty. Enthralled. The King Himself is Enthralled by you. 

To that friend you have who doesn't always realize how absolutely breath taking she is. Fight for her! Fight for the features that she speaks against. Remind her what the King says. Because sometimes that's all we need to hear. 

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