Elijah:5 months!

3:48 PM

5 whole stinkin months! I can't believe this! These blog updates are being written way too soon for this mama's liking.

-At 5 months Elijah weighs 17lbs 11oz
-He's 26 in long
-He's very mobile! I can't leave the room for very long or I won't be able to find him! 
-He hasn't sat up on his own but with our help he sits up independently for about 30 seconds
-My EBF little guy still wakes every 2-3 hours at night
-He sleeps and naps in his pack n play more independently now
-He is discovering how much he likes toys
-He sits in his walker and watches mama clean
-We are still cloth diapering every now and then but are still working on building up our stash
-Finally laughing a lot!
-Makes lots of new interesting sounds. He likes the sound of his voice for sure
-He is in 6-9 month clothes 
-He likes to touch our faces and grab anything in our hands
-He is definitely interested in food though we haven't started him on solids yet

This month is INSANE. Elijah will have his first Christmas, he will attend his first wedding, have his first move, and will be in his own room soon. We move into our new apartment next week and will then start letting Elijah sleep in his own room. I'm not so much nervous as I am frustrated. Since he wakes up so many times during the night I am going to have to make many trips across the hall to nurse him and get him back to sleep. Whereas now I would just have to sit up in bed, nurse him, and put him back in his pack n play. But I am excited to get more sleep in the mornings. He likes to wake up around 7am and start playing and chatting in his pack n play so needless to say Kaleb and I will be able to rest easier in the mornings with him in his own room. Also happening in the new apartment will be his first Christmas! Both families are coming on Christmas Eve to have dinner and open presents. I can't wait to see how a 5 month old does with presents. It should definitely be fun. It's true what they say-holidays are so much fun when you have children! 

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