What Mama Did....

1:45 PM

Today I'm taking advantage of Lisa Jo Baker's Five Minute Friday. I was so intrigued by the prompt for this week's challenge that I had to join in. The prompt is this- What Mama Did. I'm excited!

5 minutes....and GO:

My mama made everything clean. Maybe that sounds stereotypical or almost sexist but that't not true at all. That's what made her my mama. That's how I knew it was my house. That's how I knew I was home, always. The smells were captivating. I was reminded of this yesterday when i nasty, awful smelling bag of trash was sitting in my kitchen and I thought to myself that my mom's kitchen never smelled of trash or gross things. It smelled like food or cleaning supplies. Something that usually carried a lemon scent. Our bathrooms always had candles lit in them and our bedrooms (if they were cleaned by her, definitely not if they were cleaned by us) smelled like fresh laundry and always had the curtains open, inviting the light to cast it's beauty on our comforters and toys.

She was the epitome of a mama. She had dinners ready (including snacks after school), laundry finished, clean floors, ready to help with homework or answer questions from a long day at school. But the smells were always my favorite. Her bathroom was full of lotions and perfumes that I loved to smell when I wandered into her room. Smells that forever mark her beauty and mama-nesss. She is a great mama even now while I'm grown and about to have my own kid. She's just the best.


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  1. Beautiful. You managed to capture the scents with your posts. I can smell you home - warm, inviting. Great to capture memories and I am sure your Mother will be delighted with your post.
    Janis www.janiscox.com


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