Happy Birthday Elijah!

8:45 PM

First off I wanted to leave these here because I am so proud of myself for keeping up with these posts for an entire year:
There are tears literally streaming down my face as I type this. I can't believe all that The Hargrove Home has experienced over this last year. I have lived on this earth for 23 years which is exactly 8,485 days (yep, totally just calculated that) but my life truly began July 12, 2013. 365 days ago when the most amazing little guy came into my life. I never knew this kind of love existed. This can't-breathe, can't-speak type of love. This love for a child who stops me dead in my tracks and makes me stare, forgetting everything else I have to do. Sitting on the couch and watching him play feels like a dream. He's the one who made me a mama, my first born. The only baby Kaleb and I will ever be able to enjoy by ourselves. I can't believe God picked us to be his parents. This journey has been absolutely insane. I have felt so many emotions over this last year and I've tried hard to prepare myself for his birthday but it all seems to fall away now that this day is here. I hate that people think a first birthday isn't a big deal. On the contrary folks, it's the BIGGEST deal. Especially when it's your first kid. My sweet 7 lb baby is this huge, walking, talking, toddler now and it feels unreal. We won't see his pediatrician until next week for his 1 year check up so I'll have to edit this later with all of his updated stats but as of today here they are-

  • Learning baby sign language. He can do "all done" and "more"
  • Down to 4 nursing sessions a day
  • Has a fake laugh he does to make you laugh more
  • He's very ornery when having his diaper changed, waiting for food, or getting clothes put on him
  • He has added thank you and babe to his vocabulary
  • He's finally transitioned down to 2 naps during the day
  • Sleeps GREAT at night! 12 hours normally.
  • Gives high fives
  • Gives slobbery, open mouthed kisses when you ask
  • When Kaleb is gone he walks around the apartment saying "dadada daddy daddy"

Dear Elijah,
...You. You are perfect. I love the one, single freckle on your back. I like tracing my finger up your spine to make you giggle. I love the way your belly hangs over your shorts. I know it's full of mama milk and yummy food. I love your crooked teeth. They are the cutest set of teeth I have ever seen. They set you a part. I love how your hair has recently started getting thick on top. I can run my fingers through it when you lay your head on my lap. I love how you get instantly quiet when we're swaying next to your crib in the dim light of your room as I sing one of our two songs. I love how you put your hand over mine when I stroke your cheek as I lay you in your crib for nap time. I love how each morning when daddy brings you into our room your presence always brings promise of new mercies. But most of all, out of everything, I just love you. You've taken me on a long journey this year. You came into mine and daddys life when we were still in wedded bliss, showing me that I would fall in love with your dad deeper than I ever imagined when he became a father. And even more so you showed me that I could love someone I had never even seen. I say it all the time but I'll say it here as well-I know there is a deep calling on your life, little one. I can feel it with every moment I spend with you. God has major plans for you and I will continue to pray and speak that over you. Thank you for being the best little boy. You make this family whole. 

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