Abigail: 1 month

6:35 AM

Yes, she's already a month old. As does all time....it went fast and I'm so frustrated. Thankfully she hasn't hit any real milestones yet so I don't feel like she's growing too fast. This first month transitioning to two kids has proven to be very hard for Elijah which means it has been pretty hard on me and Kaleb. Elijah is a strong willed boy already but now that Abigail is here his strong will has almost tripled. Without going into too much detail he loves Abigail but is not too happy with me and Kaleb and he definitely lets us know. His world has changed a lot this last month but I know as she grows he will adjust better. I can tell he's ready for her to play with him already. He brings her toys in hopes that she will just reach out and grab them but sadly that won't be the case for quite a few months. At one month old Abigail is-

  • 8lbs 9oz
  • 21 inches
  • Nursing every two hours during the day but can go three or four hours at night
  • Does not burp or spit up a lot which can be hard on her tummy sometimes
  • HATES her car seat
  • Loves to sit and just take in the world around her
  • Loves being swaddled
  • Prefers to sleep on daddys chest than on mine
  • Co sleeps with us at night
  • Enjoys tummy time for about ten minutes and then gets frustrated that she can't roll over

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