Jehovah-Jireh (Yahweh will provide)

4:08 PM

Kaleb and I are learning how to live off just his paycheck since next week is my last week watching the babies and one of my last paychecks come's next week as well. So, it's difficult. I don't like to discuss our finances with people. Any of it. How much we make, how much our bills are, etc. But I will say that we have been living just fine. Never hurting for anything or struggling. We moved to the apartment to help downsize our bills and life has been good especially with so many people giving us stuff for Elijah. Life has just been...good.

And then 2 days ago we realized we might not have enough money for groceries. Our pantry isn't completely bare but it was looking a little scarce. I had found a blog on monthly meal planning and had made out our list of groceries and meals for next month but we didn't think we would have enough money to buy all of the groceries on the list. Needless to say we were panicked a bit. Kaleb more than me. There is something so fragile about a man providing for his family. But then....

I opened my door this afternoon to three of my sweetest friends, all holding bags and bags of groceries. I didn't understand. I COULDN'T understand. I kept thinking who could have told them about our grocery problem that we had just found out about, ourselves, only 2 days ago. Who told them?! I was almost mad at first. And then they tell me that they had planned on doing this for a while now to show their appreciation for all I had done for them during life group this past year. What had I done for them? I felt as if I had failed this year. I kept thinking of all the things I need to fix next year. The ways I can be a better life group leader. The ways I can show my girls more love. The ways I can just be better. Isn't that always the way? We're always trying to better ourselves instead of recognizing the good we've already done. 

The most amazing part? This was in the works for a while now. God's timing is so unbelievably good. He saw this coming. He saw our pantry and fridge growing smaller before we ever noticed. He saw us 2 days ago when it hit us. So how could you ever doubt, friend, that He's watching now. That He sees you right where you're at. Troubles and storms. Joy and fresh air. He see's you. He knows you. And He is Jehovah-Jireh. Always.

And there's a TON more that I didn't get pictures of. I can't get over how sweet my King is and how thoughtful my girls are. Excuse me while I try to go fix my mascara. 

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