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11:54 AM

These next couple of months will bring so much excitement and change for our family. In April, I'll turn 23 (and my parents and sister are coming up for my birthday weekend), Elijah will have his first Easter, the JBF sale will be in town, AND my in laws are throwing their annual crawfish cook out/broil. I'm not sure which one it is. Sorry, Michell and Kirk! At the end of May we will be taking a trip to Fort Worth to look at houses that are for rent. We've discussed buying a house since we know that we will be in FW for quite a while but we don't want to rush a decision that big so for now we'll be renting a house. Then, of course, in June we will be moving. Oh! How could I forget? Our sweet friends Caleb and Kaitlin are getting married in June and they asked us if Elijah could be their ring bearer. My baby in a wedding?! Uh, DUH! I'm so excited! It's going to be a beautiful wedding and the fact that both of my handsome guys are in it (Kaleb's a groomsmen) just makes me more excited.

Do you ever feel frozen when you begin to think about your to-do list? Especially if a move is involved? I've never made a move this big. Even when I moved from Fort Worth to San Angelo I was only moving into a dorm so all of my stuff fit into the back of my dad's truck. This is so different! We're moving our entire 3 bdrm/2bth apartment 4 hours away. *sigh* The amount of organization this move will require is ridiculous. I can't toss all of our clothes that hang in the closet in the backseat of our car and drive down the street to our new home. Nope! I actually have to pack up every. single. thing. Oy. Still, the move is 4 months away so I don't have to start packing just yet.

Does anyone have any good moving tips? Organizing your boxes, different ways to pack, easier routes to take instead of just boxes….? Anything will help!

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  1. Can we see you guys in May!? (: oh please. I'm dying to see Elijah ♥♥♥♥♥♥


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