A Hargrove love: Part 1

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For our 2 year anniversary I shared the story of how we met and in that post I said though it may be hard I would try and share our dating story. Our dating story is sweet and tragic and sometimes it's not the most fun thing to share but we're nearing the 3 year mark of our wedding anniversary and just passed the 4 year mark of when we met so it's been stirring in me to get it all down on my blog. I'll split it into 3 parts because it's just too long to share on one entire entry.

One of our many XA jam sessions out at the lake

Part 1:
After we met we made plans to hang out that same weekend. I considered it a date and I'm sure Kaleb did too-ish. It felt like a date any way. He offered to pay and we didn't just go to the movies and dinner. We went to Starbucks first just to get caffeinated enough so we were ready for our whole day together. This is the place where Kaleb shared a fun fact with me that my family has yet to let him live down. As I sipped my delicious carmel frappacino he decided to inform me that coffee is a natural laxative. MOOD. KILLER. Well, for most people at least but not for me. I laughed and rolled with it. Clearly this guy was nervous if he was bringing up laxatives on our first date. We went downtown to the artsy area of San Angelo and took pictures and shared stories while we explored. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings after that where I asked Kaleb if this was a date and if we should tell people about it or where we should be going from here. Yes, I get right down to business people. I had decided shortly after getting saved that I would not mess around with dating. If I couldn't see a future with the person then there was no sense in us dragging something out. Kaleb was a new Christian so I'm sure I terrified him with this as his answer was:"Let's just see what happens." I was pretty much over him at this point. We continued with our date but I started feeling the just friends vibe coming on.

Downtown San Angelo

Kaleb is a fan of everything movie related. This should not come as a shock to anyone who has met him. Movies, directors, THE OSCARS, actors, etc. So, naturally he asked if we could watch his favorite movie at the time-The Departed (really romantic, don't ya think?). In which I replied "Only if we can watch my favorite movie right after." I didn't have The Breakfast Club at my dorm so I grabbed another movie and we spent the next 4 hours watching our 2 favorite movies while I did laundry downstairs in the common room (See. Clearly it was not turning out to be much of a date  because I was doing laundry for goodness sake). After the second load was dried and ready to be folded I walked back into my dorm to find Kaleb at the sink..DOING. MY. DISHES. My roommates and I had a pretty big pile going at the time. I'm sure we were all trying to hold out and see who would end up doing them but I never would have guessed it would have been Kaleb. Ladies, I fell a little bit in love right there. Acts of service is one of my love languages and I had no idea how he had figured this out.

We were awkward, I am totally aware of this

After that night we were pretty inseparable. We texted constantly, had dinner together in the caf, sometimes breakfast before our morning classes, etc. It was fun but for me I realized it would never go past friends on my end. He was so great but I just didn't feel romantically connected to him. I know now that a lot of that was because of some past issues I was dealing with. A few weeks later we stood at the very random eagle statue in the middle of campus and I told him I just wanted to be friends with him. He was crushed and I was surprised. I actually thought he felt the same way about just being friends but alas I broke his heart. He came around after some talking and though he wanted to be more than friends, he agreed to be just that since it's what I wanted. I'm really thankful we didn't pursue a relationship around this time because of what happened next...

(to be continued)

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