Dear Abigail: Everything is ok

11:48 AM

Dear Abigail,

You are OK!! Every test has come back negative and your heart is fine. You are perfect and the funny thing about my version of perfection is that it's just you being born in general. Those tests could have came back positive, your heart could have had defects but I would still see you as perfect. Currently life is easier as we are finally setting up your side of the room in brother's room. I imagine sometimes it will be hard to figure out how to clash your flowers and glitter with Elijah's monsters and cars but I don't doubt you two will be best friends. I hit the third trimester this week and I'm blown away by how close we are to meeting you! The holidays make everything go by so quickly. Three months. That's it! You are three months away from being in my arms. Your shower is next month and of course Aunt Sissy has already began to make sweet crafts for you as well as buy you some of the most adorable outfits. Friends and family are excited to meet you and spoil you as well. Elijah only knows you through this giant bump forming under my shirt but he loves you dearly already. We can't tell if you're a fan of daddy yet. You kick him pretty hard when we're sleeping and you're basically inactive when he's talking to you. I bet you will be a daddy's girl through and through. Your name after all means a father's joy. I'm bummed you won't be here already as the holidays come but you stay in there until week 40! I want you nice and cooked before you come to us. We love you and can't wait to meet you baby girl!


At 26w2d:
-Still right on track for growth and weight gain (overall I think I've gained 13lbs)
-My t shirts no longer fit, Kaleb's will have to do for the next few months
-No gestational diabetes!
-My innie is on it's way to becoming an outie
-Abigail is SUPER active. I don't think this chick ever rests
-I'm experiencing a bit of heartburn but nothing ridiculous yet
-Mild (read: WAY mild) Braxton Hicks have begun
-Insomnia has moved from the middle of the night to the beginning when I first lay down
-Nesting a little already

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