Abigail:4 months

12:33 PM

She is four months old! That sweet princess of ours. At four months old she is-

  • 13lbs 12oz
  • 24.5 in
  • going through the four month sleep regression
  • Sleeping in her crib for naps which currently only lasts about 30-45 minutes but cosleeping with us still at night and sleeps in 3 hour stretches usually
  • Nurses all the time still (block feeding)
  • Trying desperately to sit up on her own
  • TEETHING. I tried to kid myself and say that she wasn't but she is a fussy biter and Copaiba oil makes her feel better so yes, she is teething.
  • Doing turns when she's laid down but not rolling over both ways yet, still only from tummy to back
  • Found her feet and loves to pull them toward her
  • Still loves to be (double) swaddled
  • Still hates her car seat
  • Loves her wubby and Sophie Giraffe
  • Sits in her bumbo for about 10 minutes a day
  • Drools and chews on everything
  • Laughed for the first time about a week ago but hasn't really done it again since
  • Smiles all the time now especially at her family
  • LOVES to stare at her daddy and brother

The four month sleep regression....I hate it! I remember it being awful with Elijah so I should have figured it would be bad with Abigail as well. She's not sleeping very much which then in turn makes her super fussy and then the super fussiness makes her not sleep. It's a vicious cycle and we are all so ready for it to end. She's lucky she's so darn beautiful. We're all still very captivated by her, fussiness and all. We also noticed some things going on with her head. If you look at the above picture you can see her leaning it a bit to the left. She's been doing that for the last two months so her pediatrician suggested taking her to see a chiropractor which I've been wanting to do for her (and all of us really) for a while now. She also has a flat spot on the back of her head and cradle cap on the top. I have no idea why all of this stuff popped up recently but it's here and we have to deal with it. Poor girl. Other than regressing and having so many issues with her head she really is such a sweetie pie and a happy girl. She smiles so much now and slowly but surely she is starting to laugh more. We love our Abigail!

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