A leadership team made of steel? No, made of God.

4:27 PM

This week has been absolutely CRAZY! I feel like I have had no time to just sit and take things in without having to move again. Now that I have finally found a moment my conclusion of all of this craziness is this-

Our leadership team is unstoppable. Not because of anything we do but because of everything that God does and who He is.

The attacks just keep coming. Left and right they come but the Lord is all around them. All around the attacks, He is there. He's not facing them to the left or the right. He is all there.

Kaleb and I just came from visiting one of our friends in the hospital. She has a kidney infection of some sort and she is one of the wonderful assets to the leadership team we serve on in XA. And just the other night as I was preparing for my 1 am prayer (XA had a 48 hour prayer thing going on where we each had a different time slot) and another friend was in the hospital. She had an infection in her intestine I believe. As I'm sure you have gathered she is also one of the life group leaders on our leadership team. And then today I had a mild asthma attack. Not so bad that I had to go to the hospital but bad enough that I had to leave in the middle of our church service. It's not that these things are the only issues running in our lives but it's these illnesses that have shown me just how strong our God is. He fights for us individually, yes, but He is also fighting for Chi Alpha at Angelo State University.

Our leaders are getting attacked physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally but they are present. They are fighting because God is fighting. He is on our side and that has become so apparent to me today. Satan is doing everything to stop our leaders and to me that says we're on the right track. He knows how much we're capable of through our Heavenly Father and he does not like it. Clearly, he can see the movement that's about to happen this fall semester and I for one am STOKED! This fall semester has been prayed for, sobbed over, and absolutely battled out by our leadership team.

We. Are. Ready.

In just 1 week we get to see the fruits of our labor filling up the pews and I just can't wait. Our leadership team isn't made of steel, we're made of God. By His strength, we find ours. And by His grace we have been rescued and now we are reaching. We are reaching.

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