Elijah:3 months!

1:43 PM

My boy is 3 months old! This is such a huge milestone for me personally because all of my breastfeeding mama's told me everything would be easier once the 3 month mark hit and they were so right! Nursing has been going so well for Elijah and I. It really is like second nature now and I'm very proud of us for making it to the 3 month mark. I'm even proud of Kaleb! He's been my biggest supporter and encourager through this whole experience and I love him for having my back and telling me I could do it. But along with easier nursing came a spike in his acid reflux. It got worse last week so his pediatrician changed his medicine to Nexium. He's been on it for a couple of days so far and I believe all is well. We had a little scare the other day but I think that was just new parent anxiety getting the best of us. He's a trooper, my boy! At 3 months Elijah is...

  • Still sleeping a 4-5 hour stretch at the beginning of the night (occasionally he trips us up and wakes every 2 hours)
  • Grabbing toys on his play mat and bringing them to his mouth so he can chew on them
  • He finally has a favorite toy! He loves his ball. Like, LOVES it.
  • Rolls over from tummy to back and back to tummy but no double roll yet
  • Chats CONSTANTLY. He loves to tell stories
  • He has discovered Kaleb's beard and my hair and likes to pull on them all the time
  • He is in 3m-6m clothes
  • He has discovered his hands and is always sucking on them
  • He kicks his feet up and touches them when he's on his back but hasn't quite discovered them yet
  • He likes to stroke my face and arm while I rock him
Elijah's first holiday is coming up in 2 weeks! Though I'm not a huge fan of Halloween I'm very excited to take him to our churches festival, Rock the Pumpkin. Still not sure if we're going to put him in a costume or not. Putting his jacket on can be hassle let alone a whole costume so we'll see. He's beginning to be more playful and I love it! He's also in this slightly annoying new stage where he cries for almost 10 minutes each time he gets ready to sleep. Nap, bedtime...any time! Praying this stage ends soon but things could always be harder. We're thankful for such a happy, sweet baby. God has blessed us so!

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