Elijah:4 months!

11:15 AM

Wasn't I just writing Elijah's 3 month blog yesterday? Where have these last 4 months gone?! I checked under the couch, the coffee table, the beds, and even in the dishwasher and I cannot find these last 4 months anywhere. We've hit winter already. When did that happen? Wasn't it just July? Goodness. I've got to slow down. I feel like I'm completely missing out on Elijah's baby stage. I need to rest and breathe this season in more before it's gone forever. Time for some updates

  • 16lbs 2oz (65th percentile)
  • 25 inches long (40th percentile)
  • He's obviously a fat shortie :)
  • He slept for 6.5 hours last night! Longest he's ever slept.
  • He's learning to scoot/rotate when he's on his tummy
  • He does "baby push-ups" where he pushes up on his hands now
  • He is in 6m clothes
  • We have began cloth diapering and he loves it! I'm trying desperately to build up our stash
  • He is still EBF (exclusively breastfed) 
  • The medicine he's on for his acid reflux is helping TREMENDOUSLY 
  • Still learning to laugh but giggles constantly
  • He sleeps and naps in his cradle now

Elijah's first Halloween was a success. We dressed him as a crab and he slept through most of it. I'm sure next year he'll be running all over the place. Kaleb and I are now anxiously waiting for his first Thanksgiving and Christmas. So excited! The day he turned 4 months (literally the EXACT day) he turned into a whole new baby. Ha! He started napping in his cradle in our room AND he has stopped needing to be rocked before he's laid down. He's still really fussy before we lay him down at night for bed but just the fact that he can sleep in a room without us now is great progress. He's growing way too fast, folks. If only there was a way to pause for a little while. 

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