The town home in the city

8:22 AM

I think just by the title it sounds like such a lovely thing. A town home in the city must be beautiful! I'm here to tell you that isn't always the case but one thing I believe for sure is that you can always, always make your living environment functional and beautiful. My family lives in a 3 bedroom/2 bath town home in a city in Texas. It's not everything we dreamed it would be but I think that's mostly because we have a toddler now and are dreaming of the day that we can get a house with a backyard for him to run around. However, like stated above, you can always make something work for you and the season of life you and your family are in.

See. Functional. We didn't have any storage for our bigger items so we had to create something. We had empty space underneath the stairs so we pushed our couch up against to create a make shift storage area. It holds most of our outside items-bike, golf clubs, chars, etc. I thought it would look very tacky but surprisingly enough it looks normal as if that's all it was meant for.

I used our matching love seat to separate our living room from our kitchen. We have the world's tiniest kitchen and living room and to make it worse they kind of merge into one weird room so I needed to use something to separate it. At first I thought the TV would work there but the cable cord would have to stretch and then, you know, there would be a long cable cord in the middle of the living room so the love seat worked out great. 

A weird thing that I'm sure only people who like to cook will understand is my love for spices. Especially my love for spices to sit right on top of the stove instead of stuffed away in a pantry. Our stove is snug against the wall so we can tilt our spices and have a little shelf for them right there while we're cooking. It's not only convenient for me but it also helps our kitchen look more like a kitchen since we don't have many decorations. 

I've lived in many apartments and 1 house since I started living on my own. I've just picked these small things up as I've had many apartments have different shapes, shelving, space, storage, etc. You really have to work with what you have and though this apartment isn't ideal, its home because I've made it a home. Also, Pinterest is a great thing! As soon as we moved here I searched "Small kitchen organization" and found ways to help store our stuff with minimal counter space. And that picture above is my small beginning to a gallery wall in my living room. It's more like home with all of the little things. 

One thing I wish we had here is Compass. This fantastic website helps match you (MATCH YOU) to your ideal apartment. My husband and I had to Google and search and ask all around before we found a place here and even then it's still not exactly what we're looking for. With a site like Urban Compass we could have found a place in our budget as well as one in a neighborhood that fit our personality and taste. Maybe someone will be genius enough to follow in the footsteps of these New Yorkers and create one for Texas someday.

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