Updates of all kinds!

7:32 PM

Oh goodness! I feel like I haven't updated anyone on the Hargrove home in quite some time. Though, it's really just been a couple of weeks. So here we go (it's going to go fast, folks):
-our lease was suppose to be up Nov. 30th
-it is now up at the end of December
-we were going to move into a cute town home
-we are now looking for a small apartment
-Kaleb is currently looking for a new job
-he has a bad sinus infection in which I had to take him to the ER a couple of weeks ago
-I got this whole week off (not planned) it was all very random
-Kaleb and I have been at my parents house all week. Enjoying time with family. It's been really nice actually.
-I have still not registered us for TWMS but that's the first thing I'm doing when I get home tomorrow.
-last weekend I was the guest speaker at the Phi Lamb retreat. Very cool.
-Thanksgiving was a huge success. I made a German Chocolate cake (my mom had to instruct me of course)
-black Friday shopping was an even bigger success. Please with all the sales we came upon.
-I have bigger updates coming in the next 2 weeks or so.

My only request is that you read this and then pray for us, please? We are entering into some exciting/scary/amazing seasons that (when I have time and I'm not updating from my phone) I will gladly share with you. I am also trying to come out of a funk recently so prayers for that would be nice as well. I think I always get funky around the holidays. It's the whole missing people who aren't here anymore and busyness that seems to always get me down a bit. Thank you friends!!

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