Abigail:3 months!

8:07 AM

She's 3 months! I feel like I'm updating this blog way too often with her monthly updates. Time needs to slow down. We haven't been to see her pediatrician in a while since her next wellness check isn't until 4 months so forgive me for not having her weight and height this time around. But at 3 months-

  • Nurses every 2 hours still during the day but has ramped up nursing more at night because of her developmental leap
  • Glands are overproducing so she drools, sweats, and stays congested a lot lately
  • Wearing size 1 diapers still
  • Wearing size 3m clothes and some of her 3m-6m outfits
  • Can no longer be froggy in the wrap when I wear her but sticks her legs out now
  • Still naps in her swing all the time and co sleeps with me and Kaleb at night
  • Still hates her carseat unfortunately
  • Can kick her legs up and tries to grab her feet
  • Grips her O Ball very well as well as my hair and Kaleb's beard
  • Sucks on her hands constantly
  • Wants to be facing out when she's being held, she loves to see the world
  • Hates the hiccups with a passion
  • Gets very excited when she sees my face, Kaleb's face, or Elijah's face
  • Gearing up to giggle but not quite there yet
  • Still coo's all the time and loves for you to talk to her

This past week we moved her crib into our room. It was originally in Elijah's room but he's still not a very good sleeper as it is so I figured a baby who still wakes through the night should probably be in our room for a while. We plan on co sleeping at night until she's at least only waking up once but we've started putting her in her crib every now and then for her evening naps. She does pretty good all things considered. This past weekend she did so well on our first family vacation. She snoozed by the pool and at the beach, she didn't fuss or cringe when I let her feet touch the water, and she overall just hung out while we did different things throughout the weekend. It's surely her demeanor but I'm positive it's also just me and Kaleb being seasoned parents. When we're calm, she's calm and honestly even when we're not she's still pretty calm. We've labeled her an angel baby and just look at her! You can totally see why. We love her. 

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