Happy birthday, Abigail

10:59 AM

Abigail. Is. One.

  • 19lbs 6oz
  • 28 in
  • Wearing size 4 diapers now
  • Still in the same size clothing and shoes
  • Definitely interested in trying to walk but not quite there yet
  • Nursing and eating all the food in sight
  • Will not drink from a cup..still
  • Still co sleeping but we are transitioning her to her crib this week (pray for us, yall!)
  • Signs: more, milk, all done, and is currently working on please
  • Says: Mama, dada, bubba, mo (more), yea, Uh uhhh (uh oh)

Dear Abigail,
Well we're here again. Another one of my baby's is turning one and to no avail I am sad that you grew so fast. After I felt like I didn't savor the newborn season with your brother I promised myself I would with you but now you're one and I find myself saying, "No! It went too fast. I need to rock her to sleep again, just one more time. I need to take more videos of the little facial expressions she has that first week of life. Just a little more time please." So, maybe that should tell me that I didn't squander the newborn season, it just goes entirely too fast. I can't believe you're ours, Abigail. It feels like a dream come true. One I didn't know I had until the ultrasound technician said, "It's a girl!" You have like no hair for a one year old yet it looks so long to me because you started out with barely anything. You are small in weight and height but you still have rolls and a full face which makes you look so chunky. We love it! I still listen to your heartbeat when I'm laying down next to you and praise God that He closed that hole in your heart when He was knitting you in my womb. You are feisty and dramatic but you love to be loved.  You want to be held more so because you love being in other's arms than you do just for the attention. You happily fall into the background when people are around talking or other kids need attention but can I tell you a secret Abigail? You'll never be in the background. You're too amazing and beautiful to miss! I can't wait to see what kind of toddler you are and I really can't wait to see all of the developing and growing you do over this next year. Happy birthday, sweet baby. 

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