To my home and the wife I sometimes wish I was

10:29 AM

When I look around my house I see table top's that almost can't be seen because of the scattered messe of bills, food, dishes, and random things. I look around and see a ripped a couch and empty book shelves begging to hold our DVD's again but won't until we move. I see a 4 bedroom, 2 bath house with cluttered rooms; half packed, half scattered.

I can smell the garbage disposal which is broken again. It is not a pleasant smell. I walk into the livingroom and smell "love story" by Scentsy warming my new/old vintage table I swiped from my mom's house over Thanksgiving break. 

I want so badly to be the wife whose home is always immaculate. Whose home doesn't scream-CLEAN ME all the time. Whose laundry is caught up and whose to-do list is completely checked off. Whose husband has a meal ready and on the table each day at his desired time. Who doesn't have to order pizza because she forgot to set the chicken out again. Who has mason jars surrounding her kitchen counters filled to the brim with homemade spices and jams. Whose room is always set to a romantic vibe and not cluttered with laundry needing to be folded and put away.

But sadly I am not this wife and lately I've been ok with that. My home is lived in. We always have people over. Prayers are prayed in my living room by my life group, stories are shared, tears are shed, laughter is held and the love is deep...flowing through my door way. Kids play here. A 5 year old and 4 year old use my old make-up brushes as microphones as they sing to radio disney songs on Pandora. 2 toddlers stumble around trying to steal each other's sippy cups but secretly I think they're best friends. My hallway is turned into a "cave" while the back of my couch is turned into a piano. The imagination runs wild here by my sweet friend's kid's. 

We're moving to something smaller but I believe the love, prayer's, and imagination will follow us there. And one day she'll be there too. 

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  1. Bre...I am pretty sure that I have come to find it takes years to learn how to perfect your home, clean it, do laundry, and cook those meals at a desired time (from others, not me of course, haha). It all takes time. At some point, you'll get your flow and it will just come to you, just takes a little bit of practice, or months, or years, however you want to look at it ;)


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