No make-up November (in which I am totally vulnerable)

3:03 PM

November came fast, didn't it? Now it's the month where guys are incessantly blowing up my Facebook newsfeed talking about No shave November and how they will have the most "epic beard" ever. Silly guys.

Well, last year a sweet girl I met a couple of years ago on a mission trip invited me to this event called No make-up November. I read through and considerably weighed out whether I should participate or not and I ended on not. For the life of me I can't remember any real reasons why I didn't participate. Just the simple fact that I didn't want to walk around work, church, etc with people asking me if I was sick or something. Ha! Lets be honest, that's not a good enough reason. 

If you want to understand more about No make-up November, go here and if you would like to know the amazing woman of God who started this whole thing, just go add her-Jayce Jane. She doesn't bite. I promise!

So here's where the vulnerability comes into play. I am so afraid of doing this. I'm sure I can go strong for a little while. I can ride on the high of embracing a new challenge but honestly I'm scared of what will happen when that high fades away and I'm left staring into the mirror dying to throw some mascara on my blonde eyelashes. First thing I did was dump out my make-up bag to see what I will be doing without for this month.

Honestly, all I wear out of these few items are the mascara and eye liner. Occasionally, if I'm breaking out, I use the concealer but still-I wear the mascara and eyeliner EVERY. DAY. So this is still a big deal for me. 

After I saw what I would be missing out on I then cleaned my face. I mean if people will only be seeing my skin I could at least make sure it's clean right? 

                                                       Yes, I know. Super attractive!      

I guess I'm ready? I'm excited to stumble through this challenge and see how I can do and how I can better use the time of getting ready, to hear more from the Lord. Also, I feel when the Lord is at the center of a challenge and you expect to hear from Him on it, He will speak softly to your heart and reveal the beauty of your soul.  Jayce put it best when she said "We are not making makeup an enemy—just taking it off its lofty pedestal. "

Join us!

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