10:17 AM

Happenings lately:

-I am 15 weeks as of Saturday. I only gained 3 pounds since my last appt
-We find out what we're having on v-day (how stinkin cute)
-My sister and hopefully my mom are coming to visit that weekend to help set up baby room
-Kaleb starts training for his new job this Thursday and will be done with training next Wednesday
-After his schedule is set Kaleb will start classes online for Global University (EEE!!)
-Leadership training for Chi Alpha started this morning
-Life group has started back up and I am STOKED
-Pawpaw's 90th birthday party is in just a couple of weeks (how cool!)
-Achilles has finally settled into apt life which makes our lives much easier
-AND Kaleb and I went on a mini vacation to Rockport/Corpus. The pictures I'm posting are from The Texas State Aquarium and the Pier in Corpus Christi. Enjoy!

One thing I cannot mention just yet on here has recently happened in my family. All I ask is for prayers! Lots and lots of them for this will be a hard time for them and myself. Thank you so much!

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