Letters to my baby: I hope

9:58 AM

Dear baby,

Day dreaming of what you could be has me also dreaming of the hopes I have for you. None of these things are standards you have to reach they are just a mother's hope that her and daddy can instill in you parts of them as well as watch you grow into hobbies we've never mastered.

I hope you love music. I'm trying very hard to make that a possibility now by always putting headphones over my tummy so you can listen. I hope that you love music so much that you sing, or play the drums. And if you do those things I hope you remember that it is a gift from God only to be given right back to Him. Worshipping with your instrument is a beautiful and powerful thing. I hope you do this and fall in love with it the way we have.

I hope you like to write. I left writing for a while (biggest mistake ever) because I felt like no one cared about what I had to say or that I didn't have enough experience to write about anything that others would care about. God is so sweet. He has used my words to touch others and I can't fathom how He did that. Just remember to stay humble. Having a big head on something you love to do can kill it quickly.

I hope you love movies. I can already see you and daddy sitting at the dinner table discussing directors of new movies and actors you love so much. I try and learn from him as much as I can. I think I'm catching on quite fast. Maybe we can all discuss these things together one day.

I hope you love to play outside. That's all I did when I was younger. Our backyard was huge growing up in West, Texas so my sister (your aunt) and I would play for hours and hours outside. We made up games and played real ones. We would use our imagination and pretend to be on crazy adventures. I learned how to ride a bike when we lived there. I hope you learn to love the fun of a backyard instead of playing inside all day. A dream of mine is to hear your laughter roll through an open window on a summer day.

I hope you love the small things. I know technology can be fun. I mean right now I'm typing this from our iPad which daddy plays on more than I do. And I'll admit that I'm addicted to my phone. Always playing games or checking on my social media networks. So, I know you'll want Leapads, Xboxes, and hand held games for the car but I hope you remember to love Barbies, dress up clothes, and Ragedy Ann dolls (if you're a girl) and Hotwheels, army men, and Leggos (if you're a boy). Although, if we're honest, you'll probably play with anything. I just hope you love those and remember to cherish toys as well as the technology.


P.S. Less than 3 weeks till we find out what you are. I'm so anxious it hurts!

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