Letters to my baby: Your daddy

5:44 PM

Dear baby,

We are super anxious to find out what you are. I can hardly contain my heart beat's when I imagine the very different decorations going up in your room depending on your gender. I freak out a little when I think of the clothes I want to buy you depending on what you are. And I definitely tear up at the thought of how different raising you will be depending on if you are a boy or a girl. The things we will teach you and show you will be the same concept but raising a boy verses a girl are still very different. God knew this whole time though. Before you were ever a thought in our mind's, He set you a part. It's a weird concept even for me mostly. Tonight your daddy and I are baby sitting for some friends. Their baby is staying the night with us so we've had the whole day with her. It didn't hit me until just an hour ago how amazing your daddy will be to you. He's an amazing husband so of course why would I expect anything less from him when fulfilling the role of dad but tonight I saw it first hand. He cooked dinner and when you decided to say no (You seem to make me a picky eater these days) he ran right out and got something. He came back home and did the dishes. He was on top of every diaper change needed...before I could even get to her. He kept making her laugh over and over again. Like he does for me throughout the day. He was born to be your dad just like you were born to be our baby. His love for you is intense. It's something I'll never understand I'm sure. Every morning without fail he lifts back the covers and my shirt to reveal the place you are growing inside of and kisses it. He's kissing you. And he dreams about you a lot. He is always ready to talk about you to anyone who will listen. I believe that's something that will never cease. Bragging about you is something I can already see him being good at. Growing up, having rules, not understanding a lot at certain ages will make you turn against your parents at times. Sometimes both, sometimes one or the other. So there's one thing I hope you keep in mind-On the nights that you are furious with your dad for whatever reason I hope you can read this and know that he loves you unconditionally. Always and forever, he will love you sweet baby. Always and forever you will be the apple of his eye and you will have his heart. Always and forever.


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