Who you are through my eyes

10:28 AM

You will probably try and kill me later for posting this picture on the internet, forever at the world's fingertips but hopefully this post will make up for it.

Somewhere between my alarm ringing at 8:15 and this moment right now I was dreaming up this post and it's all because of this picture. Something about a sleeping husband makes you lose yourself in a daydream because of how wonderful he is.

In my eyes the guy in that picture isn't flawless but I choose not to point those out because they are few and far between in my opinion. Check out that beard and caveman hair-my husband is nothing less than a BEAST!

He is the man who I should try to stay more quiet for in the mornings while he sleeps. I normally don't think about it very much but this morning I did. I hope I stayed extra quiet for him. He is the man who works ridiculous shifts lately but has finally found a job that he loves. He is the man who points to my belly and says "look" every time he introduces me to someone or when we see a family member who we haven't seen since the wedding. He is the man who knows when his presence is needed. He went to the living room to silently cry when I thought we were losing Elijah at 7 weeks but stayed with me in the hospital room as they violently hooked me up to an IV, even though the sight of blood and needles makes him want to pass out, he stayed. He is the man who has stood by my side through my parent's separation and getting back together. Who has soothed me when my dad became an outpatient for a rehab center. Who has prayed with me in the darkness, snuggled under covers, when the pain became too much to bare.

He is the man who believes in silence first. For a woman who talks too much and speaks too quickly this is a very noble quality. He is the man who constantly stays attracted to me even as the stretch marks begin to make their appearance. He is the man who rearranges, hangs up, puts away, helps me clean, paints, and decorates Elijah's room the moment my nesting kicks in. (Though he does make it known that he is not a fan of this, he does it anyway.) He is the man who hears what I say and trusts my words. He is the man who is behind me 100% when it comes to choosing natural birth and doula's. He is the man who uses his days off to be productive instead of relaxing. He is the man who just the other day I had to ASK him to go play golf because it had been so long since he's been. He is the man who stays level headed while I panic over the little things. Who finishes cooking when I get fed up in the kitchen because I feel like I'm doing it wrong. He is the man who makes sacrifices for our family by selling his favorite possessions and getting us deals anywhere he can. Even though we are not hurting for money he still wants to make sure we are set. He is a man who is in love with my bargain shopping skills and my taste in music. Who loves to reminisce with me over our memories as friends as we munch on some chips and salsa or buffalo wings.

He is the man who puts my needs before his own.
He is the man I deeply respect.
He is the man I am very much in love with.
He is my man.
He is my husband.

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