Ugh. PLEASE don't be that guy, Elijah.

5:16 AM

Well, it's no surprise that it's Spring Break and that Spring Break is known for it's crazy parties, random hook-up's, and drinking binges. But do you know what Spring Break looks like from a mission goers view? It's not pretty, folks. It's sad and heart wrenching and sinful and heart breaking and just...not what a mama wants to think about when having her first baby soon.

"Bre, why are you up at 7 am talking about this? Go back to sleep (considering you you went to bed at 1 am)."

Kaleb left for work around 6:30 so I got on twitter for a quick second and saw all of the hash tag's for Beach Reach. I can't explain what it is. If you want to know go here. Basically, it's the bee's knee's and I'm so sad I only got to go once. Anyway, Beach Reacher's can go on Twitter and hash tag prayer requests. Very neat. While perusing these I decided to look at the hash tag for South Padre Island and check out what the beach goers were talking about. I then found a picture....I found a picture.

This picture was a bunch of guys sitting around hanging out, no biggie right? Except the guy taking the picture had one main focus: the girl's panties hanging from the ceiling fan. The caption underneath said-"And so it begins..."

Begin's...meaning this isn't the end. Meaning these guys plan on having this to be a common occurrence this week of spring break. So, maybe you're reading this and thinking that picture is hilarious or that I'm too uptight but can I just tell you that when I went on that mission trip there were countless rapes and murders happening on the island that week. I'm sure the number went up this year.

As my sweet unborn Elijah kicks incessantly because he loves the music that is playing right now all I can think is please, PLEASE Elijah, don't be that guy. Love God, love others. Go on a mission trip to South Padre instead of a spring break trip with your frat buddies. Find a woman who is God fearing. One who would never subject herself to such picture. But I guess what I'm really trying to say is find a girl who is like mama now and not like mama was because I was that girl and the tears stream at that thought. The thought that one day I will have to tell you who I was before Jesus but when I do I hope you remember that Jesus is so, so good. He pulled me from the muck and the mire and cleaned me off. He made me pure again. He makes beautiful things from dust. He cures the sick and heals the blind. He softens the heart of stone. He turns that crazy party girl into a follower, a life group leader, a wife, and a mom. He does the unthinkable and makes people do a complete 180 of their life.

I will raise you the best I know how and then pray when you go out from under my wing you make Godly choices and decisions. But for now, keep on kicking. I can't wait to meet you in 18 weeks.

P.S. Hold out for my future daughter-in-law. I'm already praying for her, too. I know she will be nothing less than everything God has for you.

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  1. I have prayed similar prayers for my son (age 13)! I find comfort in knowing that God has him is the palm of His hand!


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