Elijah: 2 months!

10:16 AM

My baby's 2 month update-

-He is 12 lbs even (50th percentile) and 23 in long (60th percentile)
-He still sleeps in a swing but naps in his infant rocker
-He still eats every 2-3 hours like the piglet he is
-He smiles constantly and is learning how to laugh 
-He coo's and gurgles when he's rested and has a full tummy
-He's recognizing faces more which means he gets really excited when I pick him up after a nap and when daddy comes home from work
-He loves his play mat still and is working on batting at objects that hang in front of him
-He has not slept through the night yet BUT he sleeps a 4-5 hr stretch after he is first laid down and then wakes every 2-3 hours to eat
-He is in size 3m but is quickly growing and moving on to the next size which is still baggy on him
-He has developed his own routine that he is currently teaching mama and daddy about it

Elijah is seriously the best baby ever! I'm sure most parents say that so that sentence really shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. He has taken a few road trips now and has not fussed once. This last one we took to Kerrville he actually slept the entire way back to San Angelo. It was wonderful! This weekend both families will be up for his dedication which will happen at church on Sunday morning. I can't wait!!! Of course I have his outfit all picked out and ready to go as well as lunch planned at Zero One Ale house afterwards for our families. Kaleb is working hard as usual for us. He is such a good provider and spends every free minute he has with Elijah. Their bond is unique I can already tell but there is definitely something to be said about the bond between and a mother and son. It's different from what I expected but then again maybe that's just the bond between a mama and her baby. Most days I find myself staring at him and thanking God for his life. I'm so in love with this sweet boy it's insane! He is already doing so much better with sleeping. I don't have to constantly hold him anymore. He sleeps independently and will sit in his rocker while I do the dishes or get ready for the day. It's crazy how much he grows each and every day. This guy is our pride and joy!

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