The lie of inadequacy

2:21 PM

I never used that word so much until this last week. I haven't actually said it out loud but in my head this word reigns lately.


Last Thursday was a special night. A group of women from my church gathered at a friend's house and had a sweet get together with our OBGYN. Yes, we all have the same one. She comes highly recommended in our church. Of the 7 of us Dr. Coronado has delivered 5 of our babies, will hopefully deliver 1 on the way, and has been an amazing inspiration to our girl who is trying to get pregnant. All in all she's amazing and we all love her dearly. I mean really...who hangs out with their OBGYN? We do! Listening to the women around me speak brought that word to my mind.

"I am inadequate. I can't compare with these women. I can't do motherhood as beautifully as they do. I don't measure up."

I'm the youngest of these women. I've been married the shortest amount of time. I'm the newest mama. All of these things make me inexperienced in most ways. After Dr. Coronado left we stayed and chatted. It was nice and it was needed. They talked with me about a lot of the changes and new struggles within the Hargrove home. I cried, they listened, and they offered wisdom. The more we chatted the more that word started to fade. It's not that I don't measure up, it's that I'm learning. I'm walking along this newly paved path holding my husbands hand and carrying our baby and Jesus...He walks in front of us. These women are a gift to me. They have taught me so much in these last 2 months of being a mom then I could have ever asked for.

Satan is truly the father of lies and he tries to speak this lie specifically to me all the time but I am enough. I am adequate. I'm doing a great job. He can never take away from who God says I am. He says I am a mom and there is power in that role. True, discipling, loving power. I love my family, my mama's, and more importantly my King. What a sweet King He is and what an amazing life He has blessed me with. I'm beyond grateful.

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