2015: The word edition

11:24 AM

Ah, the famous choose-a-word-because-its-new-year has risen and I mocked it like I did last year. How silly it is that God would give all of us one word (read on-He did give me a word.) That's my personality type and I realize how annoying it is. I go against the grain even when I so badly want to follow it sometimes. I default to doing the opposite of everyone else in fear of losing who I am if I give in. And then when our pastor gave us the challenge of praying about our word at the beginning of the new year I cried as God softened my heart showing me that He had something specific for me if I would just let go of my normal response. I didn't pray about it. I just sat in it. Thinking on the one thing I need to do more of. It's the same thing God and I chat about often. Too often if I'm being honest.

I am scared of everything.

I cannot begin to give you a list, small or lengthy, on all of the things that I'm scared of. Real things. Deep things. I am scared of many things and it hinders my walk more than I'd like to admit. It holds me back from moving forward in certain areas of my life. It makes me less of a wife, mother, friend, and more importantly a daughter of the King. Did I even realize that before? How can a daughter of the bravest be so terrified of everything around her?


That's my word and I'm clinging to it and everything it stands for.

There is a bravery in myself that I have not yet discovered. I want to find it. I want to reach out and claim everything that I'm so scared of as my own personal conquest. 

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