Elijah:18 months!

1:48 PM

I thought it would take forever to get from the one year post to this one. 6 months seems like a long time when you say it out loud but Elijah turning an entire year AND a half has completely caught me off guard. Has it really been 6 months already since I threw his first birthday party? And does this really mean that we are now 6 months away from him turning 2? This is cray, y'all. It's also really hard to remember what new developments/milestones have passed in the last 6 months so bare with me here. At 18 months-

  • 23 lbs
  • 33 inches
  • Learning how to eat with a spoon
  • Has a special night time/morning drink to help him sleep (tart cherry juice mixed with milk-it works wonders)
  • Still taking 2 naps and sleeps about 11 hours at night (until the 18m sleep regression hit. Oy.)
  • LOVES to dance
  • Some new words: Banene (banana), Obi (My father in law), pawpaw (my dad), tree, pease (please), up, Nonna (My mother in law), yesh (yes)
  • Phrases he's mastered: Bye dada and Hi mama
  • Tries to sing along to certain songs in the car. It's probably the cutest thing ever
  • Wearing 18m clothes but a few 12m shirts still fit
  • Loves crayons but gets bored when trying to color
  • Starting to be fairly picky
  • Favorite foods are any type of mexican food, bananas, and pb&j
  • Climbs on everything
  • Extremely friendly. Says hi to people every time we're out and about
  • Loves the park
  • Gives kisses all the time
  • Loves to be tickled and now knows how to tickle other people
  • Knows how to sniff things when we ask him to smell something and can blow on his food when we tell him it's hot

Toddler life. If you have children then I don't even have to tell you how challenging it is but those bullets above are so fun and the random moments he falls asleep on me and the huge grin that goes across his face when Kaleb gets home from work-many things make the craziness feel not so crazy. He takes the messiest route when eating and wants to run outside the minute someone opens the front door. I've said it many times before and it's still holding true-he's all boy. And I love it. I love that he's so fearless and wants to discover everything around him. He is full of life, this one. He makes Kaleb and I realize that we have no idea what we're doing when it comes to parenthood but we're walking this out together and making it work as we go along. 

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