Right places and familiar faces

9:42 AM

Today marks a monumental day on The Hargrove Home blog-the fog of writer's block is slowly lifting and I feel like I can write again. It's been literally a month since I've posted anything and that was not by choice or a busy schedule, I have had the dreaded writer's block. I mostly write out of a thinking process through my life and all that is going on around me so it has been an exceptionally hard month not being able to sort through things.

Yesterday we attended service at our old church back in San Angelo and just like everything I'm scared of, the fear faded as God confirmed the doubt in my heart. On my journey to become fearless I have conquered quite a few things already. I was a tad hesitant to attend service at SAF because I know my heart and how much it aches for all of the dear friends we have moved away from. The smiles and the greetings from familiar faces as I dropped off Elijah in the nursery made the doubt rise. The hugs made the fear fall all around me. And then...

I walked over to the woman I had been longing to see the most. A sweet woman who has been a stronghold in my life ever since I met her. I hugged her the way you hug a person when you haven't seen them in 9 months. The instant love made the tears I had been trying so hard to fight back come flowing down the curves of my face. I shook in her arms and held on tighter as she spoke life over me once again. Without knowing why I was crying she spoke the words I know only God could have given her to tell me-"You are in the right place. We miss you here but you're doing the right thing."

There are many times God speaks to me and I'm sure I missed it completely and then there are times like that where I can't pretend to be distracted. I didn't miss this. I heard it loud and clear.

Maybe you need this today-

You are in the right place. 

I never once doubted our move once it happened. I never doubted it as I missed my friends or as we got connected in our new church. I never did...until we went on the women's retreat back in October. I knew why the doubt crept around me then. I was surrounded by a community of women and hadn't had enough time to settle into our new church and get connected with all of the lovely women there (see: sick kid, Kaleb's job at that time, weddings, etc). Hence the fear that came when we decided to visit SAF yesterday. I miss our friends and I'm certain I will never stop missing them but I love the new ones we're making here. There are so many amazing people we've met over these last 9 months. Amazing people that I can't imagine not knowing now that I do know them. People who have openly claimed stakes in our life for the long haul. Women who have shared wisdom with me and men who have engaged completely in Kaleb's life. I love them and I imagine one day if God calls us away from Fort Worth the way He called us away from San Angelo I'll probably feel a heavy heart when having to leave these people. I hate missing people and I hate saying good bye but I love the words He gave me yesterday.

You are in the right place. 

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