Happy second birthday, Elijah!

1:59 PM


My first born is two. My oldest baby is not even looking like a baby anymore. He seems so grown up even though I know there is so much more growing he still has to do. A few things this two year old can do/likes:

  • Forming actual sentences
  • Loves to repeat
  • Has become a much pickier eater #pickyeatersclub
  • Favorite foods-all fruit, PBJ sandwiches, and anything that's dippable
  • Down to one nap a day
  • Can climb out of his crib and pack n play
  • Has become more of an early riser
  • Loves to "play" golf
  • Loves for anyone and everyone to read to him
  • Favorite TV shows are Jake and The Neverland Pirates ("Yo-Ho") and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Loves the slide at the park and will spend a whole hour going down it over and over again
  • Loves the splash pad
  • Wearing 2T clothes
  • Size 5-6 in shoes
  • Can use the potty and asks constantly but we haven't begun full on potty training yet
  • Runs everywhere. Walking is too slow for him.
  • Loves to kiss mama's belly and say hello to his baby sibling
  • Not shy at all, extremely friendly
  • Current favorite phrases-"Oh, MAN!" and "Daddy, come here!" 
  • Loves playing with other kids but hasn't quite learned how to share toys yet

Dear Elijah,
The year of two is going to be such a big year for you. You will become a brother and you will no longer be my only baby. This is really hard for me and I know it will be so hard for you as well but you are always the boy who made me a mama. Watching you grow and do all of these things for the first time is so exciting. You teach me so much and I know you will be such a great brother. I'm so glad the Lord gave me such a rambunctious little boy as my first baby. You test me and show me that I am well equipped to be your mama. Your strong will, though hard at times, is going to be your biggest strength in life as you grow up. You are an amazing little boy and so incredibly smart. Your kindness and your outgoing spirit are some of my favorite things about you. You make everyone feel loved, what a great gift! I love you, Rijah-Roo. You are absolutely my favorite little boy. 

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