Smith/Hiland/Nichols Shoots

6:49 AM

Smith Family Pictures

The Smiths are so adorable! I mean look at those pictures below. Kinley is also a natural born model. I thought it would be hard to get some shots for her three year pictures because I knew she was pretty tired from a busy weekend but she was posing like it was her job! With every click of the camera she would change up her pose without any prompting from me or her parents. I may have to use her in the future when I need to practice some fun kid shots. Also, Ian and Sarah are so sweet. I'm so glad they left Missouri and came to Texas. Though I know they miss Missouri I am so glad they are here and that God led them to Overflow church.

Hiland Baby Announcement

These pictures were extra special to me because from the moment I met Jenn I knew she wanted to be a mom. I also knew from the moment I met her and we had our first real conversation that she was a very compassionate person. She is the Children's Pastor at Overflow church and her husband Dalton is the Youth Pastor. Watching them interact with my kids and so many others children in the church just proves that they will be amazing parents. I cannot tell you how many people prayed for baby Hiland and even more people will be praying as this sweet baby grows over these next several months. This baby is already so loved and his/her parents are greatly valued and adored. 

Nichols Maternity Pictures

What do you even say about the girl who is basically another sister to you? Jyssica grew up down the street from my family when we first to moved Fort Worth almost 20 years ago. Charlotte and Jyssica made an instant connection in middle school and have literally been best friends ever since. Jyssica spent many, many, MANY nights at our house and vice versa. She has been like a second older sister to me. I had the privilege of standing next to her on her wedding day and then had the privilege of taking her maternity pictures. Jensen is SO close to making his arrival and I can't wait to watch Mikey and Jyssi become parents. Mikey has had a lot of practice with his many nieces and nephews and Jyssica has proved to be an amazing aunt to her nephew and even my babies. They're going to be naturals. 

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