Abigail:10 months

1:39 PM

Holy moly. We're in the double digits people. Baby girl is 10 months old and growing SO fast. At 10 months old:

  • Wearing mostly 12m clothes
  • Claps
  • Waves
  • Still only says mama, dada, and bubba but has been trying to say bye bye and milk lately
  • Laughs so much and even has a fake laugh now
  • Cruises either while holding onto something or pushing her walker
  • Loves to "dance" (Bounce up and down or move her head back and forth)
  • Still co sleeping
  • Taking 2 naps a day
  • Wakes twice during the night to nurse
  • Eating lots of new foods
  • Signs more, all done, and milk
  • 7 teeth total (Following in her brother's footsteps, he had 8 by this age)
  • Loves to talk and yell
  • Tries to be brave and stand on her own but usually falls on her cloth diapered booty

This past month Abigail had her first Thanksgiving. She had turkey, some roasted green beans, and some cranberries. She loved it and had so much being around family. She was hardly ever put down, everyone just wanted to hold her. We are traveling out of the state for the first time next week to see Kaleb's stepdad's family for Christmas. It will be interesting to see how this trip goes with 2 kids. Pray for us! 

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