Elijah:10 months!

8:01 AM

I'm going to go find a corner to sob in for a while. I literally have no words for this 10 months business. Who told him it was ok to be 10 months already?!?! UGH!

  • 21 lbs (we haven't been to the dr so this is a guess)
  • 27 inches (again, a guess)
  • Eating 3 solid meals a day and still BF in between
  • Trying to stand without help. He usually makes it 15-30 seconds before falling
  • Only waking once at night and taking 3 short naps during the day
  • Growls. (Yes. You read that right. He growls.)
  • Shakes his head no when you say the word
  • Claps his hands
  • Says mama, dada, buh buh (bye bye)
  • Pushes his walking toy but falls after a while
  • Wearing 12m clothes and a few 18m shirts
  • Sits in a big boy carseat but is still rear facing (check out these statistics)
  • Loves for us to chase him down the hallway or into the kitchen
If you keep up with my blog then you know we're moving to Fort Worth soon. So, this is going to be a crazy month for my little guy. I'm wondering how moving 4 hours away with a 10 month old will be? Maybe it won't be so bad. He doesn't do too terrible on our trips to the metroplex. Definitely crossing my fingers! His first Easter was wonderful! It rained unfortunately so the egg hunt was moved inside but it was still cute. Got some good pictures and even a video of him crawling around (and slipping I might add) trying to get some eggs. He obviously can't have any of the candy so daddy and I took care of that. He did get a basket from the nursery with a couple of bath toys in it. Our church really is so thoughtful in every area but specifically with the babies/kids/youth/college students. They serve all ages and they do it so well. I love SAF! 

Well, here's to 10 months! My mind is still trying to process this. Forgive me for the short post. 

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