Write 31 Days: Crippled

8:00 AM

Even though I'm late on these posts again this particular post for day 3 is one I've been excited about writing. Kaleb and I went to a worship and ministry night at our new church on Saturday. I went with heaviness which sometimes can be the best way to go to things like that because you go with expectancy. My expectancy was so far from what Jesus actually showed me. Isn't that always the way? I'm not sure if the guy sitting in front of us is a member of the church or was just visiting with his friends but he really floored me with his worship. He was crippled I could tell but I'm not sure specifically what was wrong with him. He stumbled in with a cane and sat down for the first song. There was a very beautiful moment where the man leading worship just stopped playing. I think there needs to be more silent moments like that during nights like these. It was silent for a several moments and the sweet crippled guy got up and walked up and down the aisle speaking in his own love language to the Lord. When the music started back up again he was dancing for Jesus and praying. My face got hot as I watched him and I teared up as I knew it couldn't be easy for him to do that without his cane. It was a beautiful picture of all I have to be thankful but also for what worship should look like even when it's hard. The funny thing was it didn't even look difficult for him. He danced and sang and prayed with such ease that I felt embarrassed for not going after the Lord the way I should have been.

I walked in those doors wanting healing and answers and for God to speak to me but He gave me so much more-He just showed me what being truly surrendered to Him looks like. I couldn't have anticipated that.

That's Jesus.

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