Write 31 Days: Sister

8:57 AM

I posted a little snippet on Instagram/Facebook of my sister showing up on Sunday but I wanted to go into more detail for this post so you could really know how good and sweet God is just by the sister He gave me. After we moved all of our stuff into storage in Dallas we stopped for a quick bite to eat before we headed to my mom's house ( a little over an hour away). My sister called me right when Elijah was acting up at the restaurant so I was distracted and really short with her. I felt bad after we hung up knowing that she was just trying to be cheerful for me. It's this season, y'all. It's got me thirty different kinds of cray. About ten minutes after we arrived at my moms I heard the front door open and there was Charlotte. She walked in and told me she thought she would come cheer me up on a stressful day. She hugged me and of course I cried and didn't let go of her for quite a while. It was already 5pm so I knew she could only stay a couple of hours before she had to make the trip back home since she had to work the next day. But she came any way. She came for me. And like she does with Elijah, she brought Abigail a little gift for her one day nursery. We didn't do anything special. We played many rounds of Hangman on the chalkboard she just bought for me and talked about how this year is her year of Promise.

I really didn't deserve her kindness after the way I acted on the phone but she can always see right through me. She didn't take it personally and she just loved me through it and I love her so much for that.

That's Jesus.

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