Write 31 Days: The Lake

8:31 AM

Kaleb got off work early today and got back to my mom's house around 3pm (it's an hour and a half away from his job). So, I thought it'd be a good idea to take Elijah to the park and just spend some time the three of us. I'm thankful for moments spent out in creation because being cooped up in a house can really make you forget how big God is. There's nothing super special here especially nothing that hasn't been written and talked about before but just watching the lake go on and on and not being able to see where it ends from where I was standing was really humbling. He's so big and I know I'm guilty of still putting limits on Him even when I've experienced this part of Him countless times. To just get out and see everything for the beauty and vastness of the Lord...

That's Jesus.

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