Write 31 Days: Grateful

6:23 AM

I know that a huge part of the way we act towards hardships has a lot to do with choosing joy and being grateful. Just another moment this month that Jesus has showed up in the mundane, everyday that is my life right now and proved He's hanging out with me. Staying with my mom for a couple of weeks is of course stressful as we search for an apartment but it's also so refreshing. My mama did our laundry and has been making us yummy dinners each night. That's just the way of a mom in my opinion. I know I would do the same thing if my kids were living with us for a while. I know she's tired and definitely still mourning over the loss of my dad and adjusting to her life as a widow but still she manages to go the extra mile for us. It's just another act of serving that blesses my heart from someone I love.

That's Jesus.

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